4th Prize Winner in HaTalk Competiton 2014

Remembering' through the art of hat making.



This year marks the centenary of World War I and we join the world in remembering those, throughout history, who sacrificed their lives during times of conflict in order to protect others. Building on the idea of remembrance, the 2014 HATalk Hat Making Competition explored the theme of Remembering, in every sense of the word, through the art of hat making. We challenged hat makers from across the globe to create an original hat or headpiece using the concept of Remembering as the starting point for their design. We asked people to be as creative as possible in their interpretation of this theme and placed no restrictions on the materials or techniques that they could use.


Materials: sinamay, wire, emu feathers, golden beads, thread, glue, elastic lace (on the inside of the wreath)

  • 2 different sizes of ivory and white laurel leafs made by sinamay and a few olive leafs. Golden wire was spinned around the leafs as to become the twig of each leaf
  • feathers and leafs pricked the bias strip which is the base of the wreath.
  • golden beads were placed as a neckless to give a glamourous and sparckling touch.

The laurel wreath is a symbol of honor and praise for a win or a particular performance that was achieved by the winner of a sporting event or any other battle of particular importance, especially in ancient times. In modern times it is widely known and remains a symbol of glory and honor. The laurel wreath is a symbol of peace. It has geometric circle shape that symbolizes perfection. The evergreen laurel leaves symbolize eternity and immortality. Thus the laurel wreath was recognized symbol of success, high performance, winning, fame and priesthood for ancient Greeks and Romans in general. A laurel wreath today is a tribute to my country. In remembrance of all fallen heroes and in any funeral ceremony, laurel wreaths are placed at the monuments as a token of thanksgiving and gratitude for their work and their presence. This wreath was made in remembrance of all those heroes of the First World War who gave their lives for us, for peace, for a better future.

Link: http://competition.hatalksocial.com/winners/